Abstract style modern and vintage mobile gadgetsAccording to the innovators at General Electric (GE), micro-machinery is the best method of developing more energy-efficient smartphones and implementing fast connections. GE is looking to utilize old technology in modern devices. By resurrecting a mechanical relay at the most miniscule level, the switch technology would have the ability to jam additional capacity into the phone while using less power.

Transferrable technology

GE would like to transfer technology that is used in electrical lighting to mobile devices. The company has created Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) that will substitute silicon elements within the devices, thus allowing them to construct more powerful, distortion-free signals that would power up faster and produce more resilient mobile connections. While this is occurring, the phone would lessen the radio’s influence on mobile phone batteries.

Mechanical relay

GE is attempting to resurrect the mechanical relay that predates the transistor and vacuum tube within telecommunications. Semiconductors have no mechanical parts, whereas the relay powers and shuts down the electrical current by physically connecting and disconnecting metal contact. By developing a relay at the microscopic level, GE can fashion switches that have the capability to actuate thousands of times per second.

Using proprietary materials, GE believes they have found a solution to mechanical wear, a common problem that can wear down the moving parts. The switches have the ability to operate billions of times in the most extreme temperatures, humidity and other environmental factors prior to breaking down.

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