Ultrabooks are turning more into a fashion accessory these days. They are getting increasingly popular with the younger, tech savvy generation. But somehow most of the users do not realize the real capability of this device. Dell Latitude 6430u is the new addition to the sophisticated Ultrabooks that are presently available in the market. What makes this device stand out of the league is its ability to smoothly take you off with your work, no matter how heavy your requirement is. It doesn’t cut back on the looks either. It is beautifully and cleverly designed. So you get a good looking, smartly working Ultrabook in Dell Latitude 6430u. How often do you get that?


Hardware Specifications of Latitude 6430u

Dell latitude 6430u

In spite of weighing around 4 pounds, Latitude 6430u falls in the category of the Ultrabook. It gets a light look for itself due to its dimensions which stand at 0.82 X 13.31X 9.04. It may not have an array of colors to brighten your work, but this move is said to be intentional as the company wants the device to have a serious business look. To make up for this, Dell has adjusted the soft touch paint for making the device more appealing.


The display of 14 inches offers a big and clear view at 1366 X 768. The screen of the Ultrabook has a matte finish. One of the attractive features of this book is that the DVD burner is external. So, you can add it at only when you are using it. The Chiclet keyboard is a joy to use and is spill as well as dust resistant.


On The Performance


There are a range of processor options that you can choose from for this Ultrabook which is why we are not mentioning the specs. The SSD that you get with the Ultrabook has very less bloatware which is an advantage on the side of performance. Overall, the general performance of the Latitude 6430u is very good and you will find that most of the tasks can be performed with minimal glitches.

 Dell Latitude 6430u different angle

As mentioned earlier, this is not an Ultrabook for the everyday user. Unless you want some serious power under the hood, going for the Dell Latitude 6430u is not recommended.

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