Apart from being a leisure activity, cycling is an excellent way to keep your body fit. Cycling also allows you to travel short distances in an environment-friendly manner. To make your cycling experience more interesting, there are several mobile applications available on the AppStore and on Google Play.. One such mobile application is Cycle Tracker Pro.


It doesn’t matter if you are training for a race or cycling for leisure, with the Cycle Tracker Pro app, you can do many things like track the distance covered, check average speed and navigate routes taken. You can even share the application with your friends on social networking sites, so that you can track your cycling activity collectively.

For professional cyclists and athletes, this app is very useful as it allows you to track your cycling data with regard to your fitness program and training schedule. You can upload this information and get an advanced analysis of the information done online. This will help you improve on your strengths and weaknesses.

Other information that you can view on Cycle Tracker Pro includes the number of calories you have burned in each session, your workout time, training intervals, your exact location on the map in real time. The app even allows you to take pictures and listen to music. To prevent you from getting distracted from the road, the application gives you audio feedback.

The Cycle Tracker Pro app is developed by Bluefin Software. When the app is used alongside the premium TrainingPeaks subscription plan, users are able to do so much more than just tracking calories burnt and time spent cycling. You can even work on your nutrition program, record other important fitness metrics like stress and weight, and communicate with other like-minded fitness enthusiasts.

This app is available on the iOS platform for a small price of $3.

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