Cut The Rope Time Travel

We’ve seen some great free android apps on the Google Play market, and in fact, many of the free apps turn out to be more popularized than paid applications. Games like Temple Run, Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja will always be at the top, for the time being at least, and one of my favorite games that fit into the elite top of free Android apps is of course Cut the Rope.


Time Travel Gameplay

The new Cut the Rope: Time Travel game has not disappointed and I think it’s safe to say that fans are overall very happy with the game. Unlike the other Cut the Rope games, Time Travel adds a new element of gameplay by adding an extra hungry mouth to feed. The story is that Om nom has gone back in the past to help feed his ancestors, and both creatures are eagerly waiting to get their mouth filled.

The levels are filled with physic related puzzles that get you thinking about how gravity can have effect on what ropes you have to cut, and many levels also require good timing to complete. For this reason, some levels can be a little frustrating, but none are overly complicated, and like any good puzzle game, the challenge is certainly there.


The Cut the Rope game concept is fairly original, and even though there are now plenty of free and paid variations of Cut the Rope, the humorous qualities mixed into the puzzling game make for a memorable experience that will stick in your head for a long time. There aren’t many games that truly do that these days, and I’m pleased to see that Cut the Rope still hasn’t lost its appeal with Time Travel.

Some may complain that the gameplay ‘is still the same,’ but I personally think that Zeptolab has done as much as they can to improve the experience and give Time Travel its own unique feel to it without breaking the concept that the games are based on. For a puzzle game, you really couldn’t ask for more.



On top of the great new puzzles, the graphics and UI found within Cut the Rope: Time Travel are superb, and the game has a huge amount of levels to play through. The addition of Om Nom’s relative makes it a challenge even for Cut the Rope veterans, as it makes you have to think outside of what usually would be required in Cut the Rope.

The app is free; however, there are a lot of adverts to deal with, which can be removed by buying the full version.




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  1. woods

    This Cut the Rope Time Travel game is just amazing. It got wonderful gameplay and game features. The levels are also easy to play.

  2. Jean

    Cut the Rope seems wonderful game. The game play and graphics are very sophisticated.

  3. Hansen

    Yes i have played this game. This is such an interesting one. One can get good enjoyment.


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