Passwords and login IDs are numerous and too hard to remember in today’s digital lifestyle. If you are apprehensive of apps that can store and generate passwords for you, here is an app that can change that opinion. 1Password is a great app not only to store and manage passwords but to generate it too. Do you want a new password for a new online account? 1Password can do that for you. Tired of entering passwords while logging into the plethora of online accounts you have? 1Password is the go-to app. 


Password Features

1Password has a database that is extensively encrypted. This ensures that even in the event of a security breach on your iOS device, you can rest assured that all your passwords are safe. The encryption is of a very high standard and you should consider yourself terribly unlucky if the app gets hacked too.


In addition to this, the app can help you generate random and difficult passwords. All you have to do is enter the site name you want to generate the password for. Once the random password is generated, it is stored by the app. When you login to that site the next time, the app will prompt whether you want the app to enter the password for you automatically. The app is so safe that you can actually use it to generate strong and random passwords for your online bank accounts.

 1password UI

User Interface

The user interface is very simple and unassuming as the developers have focused completely on the functionality rather than the looks. You have to choose a master password the first time you use the app. This is the password that you will use every time the app is launched.


1Password is a very convenient app, especially for people with a bad memory. Don’t worry about the safety of your passwords. Go ahead and use 1Password for your iPhone, and you don’t need to try hard again to recollect your password.

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  1. rose

    Having many passwords makes me confuse and difficult to remember them. Sometimes i have lost the access due to wrong password entry. This app really helped me and very convenient. Good post.

  2. Deandre

    I personally use SplashData’s SplashID Safe. It basically works as a virtual safe which keeps important business and personal data that are always needed on the go. The master lock is in the form of a pattern lock for access security and quite enjoyable to use. Highly recommended.


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