Free music streaming services have become extremely popular over the last few years and because of these services like Spotify, or Pandora, many listeners have become used to music being available for consumption at no price at all. Crackle will help you to find whats you want in your affordable expectation.


Currently, there isn’t any such prominent alternative for the movie or TV industry, however Crackle is an example of the possibilities of free ad-based video streaming. Crackle is an app that allows users to watch shows and movies for free straight from the application, in return for dealing with a few advertisements to keep revenue going for the movie and TV producers.


The application itself is very neat, the Crackle logo and backgrounds are simple and minimalistic, and along with the tiles and tabs within the app, Crackle feels like a very easy-to-navigate system.

 crackle movie running

On the home screen, featured movies and shows are broad casted to the app user. On the top half, a scrolling tile shows information on a few different movies and shows, whilst on the bottom half, movies are displayed in rectangular tiles. You can scroll down on the home screen to continue looking at the featured movies, or tap on any tile on the screen to open up the movie or series’ dedicated page.


If a user taps on a movie tile, information on a new page will be displayed. Genre, cast members, ratings and other info is displayed alongside the play button. Crackle has smartly bundled together all the information a user may want to know into an easily navigable interface.


If you make an account with Crackle, you’ll also be able to remove age restricted content and access tools to keep track of your watching habits. The watchlist becomes an important part of the app, alongside other tools like previous history and Amazon purchase links.

Movie and TV Show Choice

Although the application itself has an extremely professional finish, the movie offering is a little ‘ low ball’, and it’s not really something Crackle has much control over.


As the movie industry is quite successful on its own, third party movie and TV streaming services are usually unneeded. Services like LoveFilm manage to garner a large selection of movies because movie producers can earn decent revenue from the paid-subscription fees.


With Crackle there really are very small amounts of revenue to make from the application’s offerings, and because of this it’s hard to find any popular movies or programs available on the app. Crackle seems to mainly consist of dated TV series or unsuccessful movies, and because of this, the selection is limited.


Licensing issues also stop Crackle from building up a decent movie collection, and what you find on your version of Crackle seems to be highly dependent on your current region.


Streaming and advertisements

If you manage to find something you’d like to watch, tapping play on the chosen movie or TV show will open it up in Crackle’s in-app video streamer. On a bad connection, Crackle struggles to buffer, and it’s unlikely that you’ll actually witness the start of a TV show or movie. However, if you’re using a stable WiFi or mobile data connection, buffering should only be a small hurdle for the app to deal with.

crackle streaming

The in-app video streamer plays the video back smoothly after a decent amount of buffering, and the playback controls allow you to pause and play the video and skip to different areas by touching the progress bar at the bottom of the screen. The controls are quite limited here, but what’s important is that the playback system does work, and when you consider that the application is free, the issue really isn’t that difficult to understand.


Advertisements within Crackle are a little off-key: commercials will play occasionally when watching content, and afterwards the chosen content will start from the beginning. This is a huge annoyance when trying to enjoy a movie without interruptions, and it is quite disappointing when the rest of the app has been produced so well.



Crackle works great on a decent connection, and it’s super easy to navigate, favorite and watch TV shows and movies straight from the app itself. Movie choice is very limited though, and poorly competes with subscription services such as Netflix or LoveFilm. If Crackle were able to score a few deals with some bigger partners and work out a more stable advertising system, free video streaming could work incredibly well on this mobile service, and it would be a smart way to help combat online video piracy.


Download Crackle from the Google Play Store or from Apple’s App store.

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  1. Mary

    Crackle has a good interface with many options. I should check streaming with my 2G internet connection. If possible please update the minimum speed it requires for optimal performance.

  2. Lipscomb

    It has a good selection of free streaming TV shows along with movies which makes this app more popular and most downloaded.

  3. Whelan

    This is such a wonderful app.watching movies is my hobby.Now i can listen to music as well as movies freely.Such a good post.

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    I really love this  application. Crackle is very useful to me in all my movie and TV aspects. Wonderful post.


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