Content is the biggest driver of traffic in today’s online marketing scenario. A few content mistakes are more than enough to turn your campaign into a complete failure. Content both on page and off page including the one that you put in the Meta properties needs to be optimized to make sure that you are able to derive the maximum out of your campaign and earn a good ROI.

Duplicate or poorly written Titles are the biggest content mistake

This is one mistake you can easily avoid by having your content written from professional content writers since they know how to play around with words and hold the target audience’s interest. Title of your content is essentially the most important part of the content since this is what is noticed primarily by your target audience and a search engines. A duplicate and poorly written title will not able to attract the interest of your target audience and if it is not able to make any sense chances are that the search engines are going to shun your content into oblivion.

Writing for your products and services – A content mistake made by a majority

While working on a content strategy keep in mind that we are not selling or promoting any product or service to your target audience. We as content marketers or content writers are writing to add value to our customer’s knowledge and information base. We are providing solutions which answer questions like why what and where. Promoting your products and services may become spammy and monotonous and you risk the loss of your target audience and your rankings on search engines.

Spelling and grammar matter avoiding them is a big content mistake

Avoid Content mistakes with grammar check

Avoid Content mistakes with spell check

Try reading a poorly written piece of content you are surely going to be put off. This is one of the biggest content mistakes that is overlooked by internet marketing professionals working on bulk content. It is better to work on less content and deliver quality in terms of spellings and grammar than churning out large volumes which do not conform to reading and search engine standards. Making use of a proof reader is going to pay rich dividends to you in the long run.

Not sharing content on the right platform also amounts to a content mistake

Content written and not shared is as good as not written and content written and shared among the wrong audience or on the wrong platform is as good as content not shared. A target audience that is not interested in your content will never like share or respond to your content. You need to make sure that the platforms where you are sharing your content is frequented by your target audience. Yes you need to do intensive research before actually sharing your content or even making a content strategy for yourself. The research if done in a right manner will make sure that your content strategy is a hit.

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