College Girl DreamHeartDreamHeart has acquired a reputation for providing some of the best lifestyle games for iOS devices. College Girl is another such game that will allow you to get back to your college days again. The user interface of the game is very well designed and you can see that the developers have paid special attention to making the app look attractive. With a host of features and customization options, College Girl is another impressive outing from DreamHeart developers.


Bright and Girly User Interface

The user interface of College Girl has been designed to look girly, which is understandable since it is a girls’ game. The user interface, although having a number of different options, is fairly self explanatory.

College Girl GamePlay

All the options that you use on a regular basis are extremely accessible. The colors used for designing the user interface are also bright and attractive, something that girls will find incredibly alluring.



Becoming a sister to any of your preferred sororities is the first step in this game. With your sorority sisters, you can go for shopping, attend some of the best and enjoyable frat parties, go on dates with fraternity boys, build yourself an attractive wardrobe, etc. You can also show off your wardrobe to your friends, pursue your college degree goals, and also become the president of sorority, if you are up to it.


Customization Options


Also, you can customize the appearance of your avatar in the game. You can choose between different hair colors, wardrobe options, accessories, etc. You have to credit the developers of the game to include more than 350 designs for clothes, shoes and accessories.


Game Play

The game play of College Girl is intuitive and simple, which only increases its charm. You can move from one level to another smoothly and if you enjoy being a college girl, you will definitely enjoy all the objectives of the game immensely.


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  1. Wesley

    I think I should download this game in my tab. Looks interesting game and this will give me a very good time as I didn’t had a great college life.

  2. Charlotte

    I love this game. I often play such games online to kill my boredom. Now i am gonna load this game, good one.

  3. Adam

    College girl is just a cool game. So interesting in playing. I would love to make ready in various styles and accessories.

  4. Jackie

    Yes Adam,  it’s a cool game with interesting features. Even i just love to play this game each time.


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