While transparent speakers are not particularly unique pieces of audio equipment in today’s industry, they usually consist of opaque machinery surrounded by a panel of transparent glass. However, the new audio-tech start-up, ClearView Audio may have just changed the audio technology industry with its brand new speaker, ‘The Clio’, unveiled at last year’s CES fair.

The Clio is different from other speakers in that it uses an acrylic frame fitted with a vibrating membrane to generate sound equally around the device. While it does have an opaque base, the area from which the sound is being transmitted is completely transparent. The 24-Watt speaker is fitted with Bluetooth capacity, allowing users to communicate with the device wirelessly.


The Clio is integrated with a single two-inch woofer system, and piezoelectric actuators at its base. These devices are used to generate movement within two membranes, that run along the side of the acrylic panel. Each membrane is connected to a different sound channel. Using a piston-like mechanism, the device is able to generate sound from its front as well as its rear, providing users with a comprehensive 360 degree stereo experience.

What makes the product particularly attractive is its compact size. The Clio can be integrated into the smallest of spaces and can even be operated without the use of a power cord. Moreover, while it certainly boasts a unique and attractive aesthetic, the device also provides a rich sound experience. The acrylic panel design also allows the device to generate more powerful sound across a larger area than traditional conical speakers.

The device is already available for pre-order and is currently priced at $349. It is available in three colours – charcoal, bronze and silver. Shipping is scheduled to begin late this March.

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