One size fits all SEO providers are the ones who will leave your business in mid air. You are going to find them almost everywhere including your mailbox. They are going to send you Emails that are going to make tall claims and will of course have a list of tasks specifying the exact number of links they are going to build for you. Of course these SEO providers are still living in the Stone Age and sending out predesigned Email Templates that would surely trap someone who is looking for a low priced SEO campaign without thinking about the risks it can involve.

Ingredients for an Effective SEO Campaign

An effective SEO campaign will never provide one size fit SEO plans to its clients instead its going to dig deeper assess the risks and opportunities in the particular niche and base its strategy on it. An effective SEO Campaign is not limited to the SWOT analysis only it can go further to check the available core competencies available with the business that many of its competitors may lack. An effective SEO Campaign will never be about link building and content management only it needs to go many steps ahead of these small ingredients that make up for a great SEO Strategy.

The pricing for an effective SEO Campaign

Prices for a SEO Campign

Pricing for a SEO Campign

The pricing for a SEO Campaign is never precise and if a SEO consultant tells you that he is going to work at the same price for 3-4 businesses / websites of yours; read between the lines. All businesses and niches along with the environment in which they operate are unique. How can pricing be same? A trial run or a pilot project before actually settling for the pricing will be a great option. Many SEO consultants base their pricing on guesswork without actually looking into the estimates of organic search traffic, sales data and ROI metrics. Although all these will take a good effort from the SEO provider and you as a business owner but its worth doing for the smooth running of the campaign.

Testing your SEO Consultant

If your SEO consultant is providing you an itemized list of tasks he will be performing for you reject him right away. However if you can see that the SEO consultant has done an in-depth analysis of your website, industry and competitors and is basing his pricing on the metrics of ROI, organic search data and competitiveness of the keywords and if offering more than just link building and content go for him even if he is priced above the rest.


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