Facebook presence has been the most important and versatile actions for any business today. As soon as a user discovers you on facebook and lands on your facebook business page chances are that he is going to check out your profile and facebook cover photo. Although just images yet both these images on facebook have a far reaching effect, creating an impression and an understanding about your brand. A lot will depend on creating the right impression on your users since they will be converted into customers some of them loyal ones for the business. Having a cover photo for the facebook page can sometimes be tricky. Designers will design what you ask from them still you need to have an idea about the message that you need to pass on to your target audience via your facebook cover photo. Designing a custom made facebook profile photo is essentially going to make you stand out of the crowd and make your brand more noticeable on the social media behemoth.

Facebook cover photo a perfect branding tool

Tell your target audience who you are and what you stand for. You can have images of your stores or products on the facebook cover photo. Makes sure your employees, customers, fans and people who have a look at the facebook cover photo are able to connect with your brand via the photo itself. If an image is not able to develop a connection with the brand its no use making it your cover photo on facebook. If you are a services based organization have your skills on the cover photo to ensure that people know what exactly you can deliver to your target audience. In case your organization is known for the values that you stand for have them etched bold on the cover photo to let the world know what exactly your brand stands for.

Latest products and services announcement via facebook cover photo

Social media is all about creating hype or giving out information that needs to reach your target audience. Social media is the best medium to make public announcements regarding new product or service launches. Having the new product or service there on the facebook cover photo will ensure the importance and exposure it should get on the web. Interest creation among your target audience is the biggest takeaway having a new product or service on the cover photo. Enticing your target audience to try or buy your new product and service can be achieved via your facebook cover photo. Event management companies can showcase their upcoming or past successful events on their facebook cover photo.

Creating a place for your target audience on the facebook cover photo

Your target audience will have a sense of belonging towards the brand if they are able to find a place for themselves on your facebook page. Increasing the engagement on your business page can be achieved by showcasing a fan of the day, week or month on your facebook cover photo. Adding an image along with a short description for the fan will go a long way in creating brand value for your business. Businesses that care for their fans and customers are revered across the industry. Apart from that having faces of satisfied customers (of course after their permission) on your facebook cover photo will work wonders in terms of customer engagement and reinforcing a sense of loyalty towards the brand.

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