Chip Chain

Games that involve matching up similar objects for points have been around for a long time now, and although most of these games have taken concepts from other games, most notably Bejeweled, many haven’t just copied the gameplay concepts, but the whole overall feel of the game, and there are now dozens of games on the market that play just like Bejeweled.

Chip Chain is a game that feels different, and that is really refreshing. Despite the gameplay concept being very similar to Bejeweled, the main theme has changed, and some important gameplay aspects have been modified to represent that.

Chip Chain Overview

In Chip Chain, the aim of the game is to move chips onto the board and line up three or more of the same numbered chips to be able to remove them from the table and earn points. You’ll get bigger score bonuses and multipliers for removing a larger chain of chips and for moving multiple chains consecutively and building a large combo.


After you remove a chip chain, the chip chain will combine together into the chip you tapped, adding an extra digit to its overall value. So, for example, if you move a chip chain of 3 number 1 chips, a number 2 chip will be created on the space you tapped. Larger value chips can bring in more points, and if you manage to link up a newly upgraded chip to another chip chain, and then remove that from the board without placing another chip, you will gain a big point bonus and a power card.

Power cards add a tip to the balance of the game by allowing the player to perform actions like modifying a chips value, moving it from the board or putting it back in their chip stack.


As you lay down more chips, the dealer will lay a random chip on the board too, making it a difficult challenge to successfully line up a large chip chain.

Gameplay Modes

There are two game modes in Chip Chain, a chip-based game that ends after you clear out all 40 chips in your stack, and a timed game that lasts 2 minutes long, but your chip stack is limitless. There aren’t any options to change the chip or time limit in either game mode without paying with the in-game currency which is quite disappointing, but the limits they have put in place are pretty accurate as I often find the board becomes full closer to the end of the game.





Chip Chain is an enjoyable way to pass the time, and if you have played any games like Bejeweled in the past, but are fed up with the dozens of clones on the market, Chip Chain is certainly a game that should refresh the scene a little. The game has been well polished, the 2D interface is intuitive, and there are plenty of achievements to unlock, and upgrades to purchase in the store with the currency earned in game.




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  1. gill

    Chip chain is really good game for all kids. Very healthy and user friendly game. This post really helped me to know about a simple and sweet game.

  2. Scott

    chipo chain is an interesting game. Moving those chips are very interesting and enthusiastic.

  3. Dooley

    Yes, Chipchain is an interesting game which kills me boredom. When I am alone i use to play this game and it really helped me to pass my time.


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