Local SEO is one of the major lead generators via organic traffic. There has been a major change in the month of august in the Local Pack that is usually displayed at the top of the search page. The number of results has been reduced to three from the lucky seven. Competition has grown and you need to perform to get that reliable local traffic to your business. Making sure that you remain on the top needs a bit of extra smart work from your end. A piece of advice if you were not in the top three and are no more visible on the local search results do not panic since there is not going to be a considerable drop to the traffic in comparison to what was being generated before the change. However do not let your guard down start working to secure a position among the top three since the positions keep changing frequently.

Focus more on reviews to taste success in local SEO

Since Google has made the changes to its local SEO search results phone numbers and exact addresses of the businesses listed in the top 3 contenders are no more visible. However reviews with star ratings are still visible to viewers that make an impression on your target audience. Genuine well written reviews are always an asset to the business. Getting a good volume of reviews along with a fairly good score in terms of reviews will make sure that your business climbs up the local SEO score. Yes basics to build citations and your local listing on Google remain same.

Specialization is the key to success in Local SEO

While catering to a particular area you need to make sure that you focus on one area of specialization rather than focusing on a generic keyword. Dominating for your area of specialization is the name of the game. Ranking for a pediatric dentist will be easy as compared to a dentist. Same ways dominating a niche for Mac laptop repair will be an easy task as compared to laptop repair. More specialized and specific the services more are the chances to climb up the pack of three. And if you are able to sustain there for a long time you can expect an increase in the traffic from your local SEO strategy.

Having an overall strategy in place will make sure you stay on top

Once you have reached on the top in the pack of three you will fight tooth and nail to stay there and keep the cash registers ringing. The best option to stay on the top is leveraging your link building and local marketing strategies. Once you have reached the top you need to maintain your link profile and for that focus on links that can be easily built in a short span of time. Focus on the local websites of the area like the Chamber of commerce (normally a overlooked link) which can be quite effective and an asset for your link building measures. Sync your overall digital marketing and offline marketing strategies with the local SEO strategy to make sure that you are there on the top.

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