What's the Saying? Catch Phrases

There was a phase earlier this year where games like ‘Guess the Word’ were being played on practically every smartphone out there, but since then, talk of the game has been pretty quiet, and that trend has slowly died out.

A new game, What’s the Saying? Catch Phrases, seems to bring back the brain-teasing, socially-involving word game genre though, and if you enjoyed the Guess the Word games, you’ll definitely enjoy this.

What’s the Saying? Catch Phrases Gameplay

In Catch Phrases, players will be prompted to guess phrases with a cryptic picture shown on the screen as a hint. Once you’ve found out what the saying is, you can tap the available letters on the screen and place them in the blocks allocated for that saying.

In essence, the letters available and blocks also give you another hint because you can figure out what words can and can’t be made, and look at what size each of the words are in the saying.


Some of the puzzles are incredibly well thought out, and it makes the game both challenging and enjoyable.

In total, there are 330 complete puzzles all ranging in difficulty, and personally this is more than I’ll ever need.

In What’s the Saying, you’ll also earn 10 coins for each puzzle you complete. The coins can then be spent on removing letters from the available letter, placing a letter into the phrase you are trying to guess, and skipping the phrase completely.

Coins can be bought through in-app purchases, but if you do get stuck, you’re out of coins, and don’t want to spend money on the game, you can easily use the social-integrated features to share the puzzle with friends and ask for help.


I think this is a great feature for those who like to involve their friends with the games they play, and it allows for players to socialize through the game, even if they are miles apart.

The interface on Catch Phrases does feel a little patchy, and it could be improved upon, but it works fine and although it’s not exactly pretty, it does its job well.

You can download What’s the Saying for free on the Google Play store.

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  1. Matson

    The guess phrases and sentences is a wonderful guessing game. So good to play such games.

  2. Moses

    Is it, even i love guessing games. Wow then i am gonna load this game sooner and have fun through guessing.


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