You have a great audience on your website, new users visiting almost everyday, you have the right product mix, perfect price and a great promotional strategy still you are not able to convert a majority of your visitors into clients. The problem may lie with the Call to Action Button on your webpage. A call to action button is a banner, button or hyperlink or it may even be a text which compels the user to take some action.

Call to Action button colors

Call to Action button to increase traffic

Strategic location of a Call to Action Button

The location of the Call to action button should be such that your users do not have a problem in finding it. Having the call to action button on all the pages would be a good idea for an E-commerce website since it will give an option of completing the transaction from any page for any product. The Call to Action Button should preferably on the top of the webpage since this is the most conspicuous area on the webpage.

Color of a Call To action Button

Color of the Call to Action button is quite crucial since colors attract human beings the most. This is the biggest opportunity to make your Call to Action Button stand out in the crowd. Colors have an ability to create different emotional responses among viewers. Positive emotional response is something that you should get from your viewers. If you already have a logo in place for your brand you can use it as a call to action since the logo is designed after due research and the color scheme you have probably selected for your logo will be good enough for your call to action button.

Keep a sharp eye on the shape of your Call to Action Button

Research has proven that circular or oval Call to action Buttons are the best for marketers since they have a far reaching effect on the cognitive abilities of the users. Sharp edged Call to action Buttons need to be avoided. Still if you want to experiment you can go ahead since viewers tend to change their taste quite often. The main thing that you need to consider is the taste and preference of your viewers. Call to Action is something that is neglected by many a marketers and if this is ignored the direct effect will be on the conversions.

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