Pinterest is one player on social media that you as a marketer or business owner cannot ignore since the phenomenal growth of pinterest in 2014. Pinterest with its unique style and platform has helped many marketers go beyond their imagination while promoting their products and services. Making a mark on the social media is a necessity for online marketers since one cannot even think of reaching their target audience without using social media. Increasing your users and followers on pinterest is of course going to push you above the competition. Increasing your influence on pinterest is a steady process and the results are visible in the form of increase in traffic and conversion.

Pinning consistently and frequently is going to help

Five times a day is an optimal number to post on social media. It can be increased on special days when you think the demand or engagement can be high. However do not take it to more than 30 posts a day. Saturdays and afternoons and evenings are the best times to post your content. Do not miss on any day. Even if you are not able to do it yourself there are automatic tools available that will do the posting part for you without fail. Content quality needs to be maintained at all costs.

The quality of images on Pinterest needs to be top notch

Good quality images are going to fetch you more repins, likes and comments as compared to low quality images. An image that has no human face, little background, multiple colors, moderate light and color and is in portrait style is going to win you quite a lot of applause on this platform.

Keywords do matter on Pinterest

Pinterest content is there to stay for a long time and does not become obsolete in a short span of time unlike the content that is posted on facebook and twitter. Thus it becomes important to optimize your boards and pins with relevant searchable keywords that have a high frequency of search and conversion. Your pins will start ranking for the search terms if they have been optimized in a proper manner keeping in view the needs and requirements of your target audience.

Make your website Pinterest friendly

Having a pinterest button on your website will encourage your regular users to use pinterest regularly and will help you spread the word about you in their circle that’s the beauty of social media. You can increase your presence from scratch to a good number depending upon the kind of market and users you are catering to. Individual posts can be embedded with pins from individual boards that correspond to the theme of the post. Increase in the engagement of your target audience is what you need to achieve on pinterest that is going to pay you rich dividends in the long run.

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