Founders of the new start-up, Bounce Imaging, Dave Young and Francisco Aguilar are currently putting their heads together to develop a brand new way of reconnaissance. The two entrepreneurs are currently in the process of developing a spherical object, fitted with numerous cameras that can be flung into areas with a high degree of danger, or threat of danger. The device will automatically take a range of panoramic images of its surroundings, before relaying them to a smartphone or tablet for analysis.

The device holds particular promise for the military, the police and firefighters. If an area has been deemed to be hazardous or dangerous in any way, responders need only reach the area, and bounce these devices into to it to collect important information, without compromising their own safeties.


The device is being developed to weight between half a pound to one pound, and is integrated with a battery. It will also be integrated with six wide angle cameras, and an infrared LED flash. An strong external shell will render it safe from heavy impacts, while also allowing it to bounce.

Young and Aguilar, who both studied at the Massachussetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management, have stated that the device will be developed, keeping in mind ease of use and affordability. The device that is expected to be called, ‘Bounce Imaging Explorer’ is expected to retail under $500.

The two entrepreneurs initially thought up the idea after the earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010. While there were existing devices like fibre optic cameras capable of searching through debris and rubble, these devices often required use by particular skilled personnel. Since the two began working on the Bounce Imaging Explorer, they have already secured $60,000 in funding by a start-up accelerator known as MassChallenge, and VenCorps. The first prototype of the Bounce Imaging Explorer is scheduled to be ready for testing by January.

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