The good old bike lock is a handy device but since we are in the digital age, it is only appropriate that we use something technologically advanced and sophisticated for locking your bike as well. This is where BikeSpike, the product of an ambitious startup, comes in. This device can digitally lock your bike remotely. It can also be used to monitor your bike’s location through the in-built GPS in the device. There is also an accelerometer and other sensors that provide you with a lot of data. The device can be operated from your phone via an app. The $150+ price tag might be a bit of a damper, but in today’s digital age, any technological product has the potential to make it big.


BikeSpike Installation

 BikeSpike Front and side view

The BikeSpike gadget can be installed in the place of the bottle holder on your bike. There is a similar holder that can be used to install this small device on the crossbar of your bike. The app has to sync with the particular device once. Once this is done, you can start using the BikeSpike app and gadget.




As mentioned earlier, the digital locking is one of the main attractions of this device. But there are other applications of this gadget as well. Parents can use this device to monitor where their kids go and ensure that they remain within a radius. You can also program the device to notify a few contacts in the event of a crash. The bike can be tracked when it is digitally locked and can alert the police automatically as well.


One of the few drawbacks of this device is that it is attached visibly to your bike. So, it can be easily tampered with. But overall, this is a very innovative device.



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  1. Dudley

    Bike Spike is so unique bike lock  i have ever come across. It just got a wonderful features and this seems very secure to my bike.

  2. Mathis

    Bike spike is an amazing innovation and it really seems to control the thefts of bikes. very useful post.

  3. Amina

    Amazing feature is that parents can monitor kids riding the bike. The direction and the distance they went.


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