Getting Reviews for local businesses is a challenge that every webmaster working on local listings is facing. Many times, it may happen that you have numerous reviews for your local business yet it refuses to show up on the top 7 within the first page of Google. Its good to have a huge number of reviews but you need to know from which websites reviews will matter most.

Find the review websites from where Google gets its data

It’s easy whenever Google shows local results for your keywords open the pop up with the local listing that comes up on the top. It will give you an idea from where Google is getting its reviews for your industry and area. Remember customization of your local SEO will pay you rich dividends and in-depth research is the key to customizing a local SEO campaign. Make sure your satisfied customers put in their reviews on the websites form where Google gets it data.

Good customer Service is all important

A local business cannot survive if it does not have a great customer service online. The impact of even one negative review on local review websites can be harmful for your business. If you are not confident about your customer service its better not to list your business on local search engines and local listings.

Do not pay for reviews

Local Business Reviews

Never pay for reviews

Its tempting to offer something to your customer in return for a review. This is the worst practice since it’s the most frowned upon practice not only on the web but also in the real world. It will be better to be without any reviews than paying for reviews. Let them come naturally to you. If one of your customers is overwhelmed with your services and wants to do something for you just ask him or her to provide a review for you on any of the local listings.

Do not focus on only one review website

It’s  easy to manage one or two websites to get users put in reviews but it’s an unnatural practice and will do more harm than good. Receiving reviews from multiple review websites looks natural and is surely going to help the business gain more customers. Search engines tend to value natural reviews.


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