Managing your money is a tricky proposition, especially when you get innumerable advise from all directions. In the end, you only get more confused about which steps to take. However, if you are fed up of all the unnecessary tips you have been getting from financial advisers, do not worry. There are certain online money management tools which will surely help you to manage your money in a much better way. Here are some of the latest and best online money management tools:



For managing your money on a day-to-day basis, FlexScore is a useful tool. It quickly calculates your personal finance score depending upon how well you are able to manage your money. It raises your score if you take smart decisions and reduces it whenever you make a wrong one. However, you won’t get any advise on how to reach that perfect score and each individual has his/her own score, so you cannot have a score for a household.

Guide Financial

This tool will give you advice on how to save money, choose a retirement plan, refinance your mortgage among other things. Its search functionality is quite unique as it tells you where to pull the reins on spending. However, it has no feature that provides investment advice.

Future Advisor

It proposes commission free Exchanged Traded Fund or ETFs and low cost index funds. It gives extensive advise after you fill-up a detailed questionnaire about your current assets and debts and future plans.

Financial guard

This tool provides you with grades to your funds on a scale of A to F. A being the highest and F being the lowest. It gives the grade based on an algorithm. However, such tools are not at all holistic as it doesn’t take into account your financial life apart from what you have entered in the questionnaire.

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