There is some good news for those who love writing! You can now write in a much easier manner with the help of certain Android apps which cater to the needs of writers. The days when one needed a pen and paper to write are gone. You can now start writing with the help of these apps anytime and anywhere. If you love writing and are also an Android user, some of these apps will surely come in handy, as they are believed to be the best Android apps for writing.

  • Springpad


The interface of this app is very user-friendly and it allows you to create a to-do list, helps you take notes easily and also lets you save a lot of material from the Internet. With such contemporary and inspired features, you will relish your writing. This app can be downloaded for free.



  • FreeNote


It is one among the most interesting apps as it combines keypad typewriting and manual handwriting which allows the writer to have the flexibility they need. You will need the stylus pen to operate this app. It also has many other additional features like alarm and video support.



  • Mindjet


You need to organize your thoughts in a clear-cut fashion to become a good writer. However, the ideas may not come to your mind so easily and you will need to represent those ideas somewhere before you can pen them down. Mindjet is an app that provides you with mapping tools like colors, links and notes which help you organize your ideas.



  • Spell Checker


Even the best writers tend to make mistakes in grammar and spellings. With the help of Spell Checker, you can avoid all such grammatical errors by running a spell check.

There are many other Android apps for writing which the writers can use to enhance their writing experience.


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