There are a lot of people these days who are getting into the habit of shopping online with their smartphones. These people are facing the problem of information overload and are no longer sure about the authenticity of the prices they see. There are many apps available on Android’s Play store, that lets you know which of these prices are the best among the many deals available. However, not all the apps work as efficiently as some of the others. Here is a list of the best Android apps that will help you compare the prices.


  • Redlaser

Redlaser is among the biggest names when it comes to price checks. With the help of this app, shoppers can scan the barcode and conduct the search manually by writing in the name of the product. It gives an extensive result with a lot more accuracy than other apps.


  • Price check by Amazon

Amazon, being the world’s largest online retailer, has developed a price checking app that lets you know the rates of the various items available online. Another useful aspect is that the app is available for free. However, you can only know the rates of the items accessible on Amazon.


This app which is also available for free helps you to find the prices of gadget online and in the nearby stores. It also informs you about the new models which are about to be released and other similar aspects that may have an impact on the price. It also indicates whether or not you should purchase the item immediately or wait for the price to come down.

These three are among the best Android apps to compare prices, but if you are not fully convinced, you can also go for Google Shopper or Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper.

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