There are many Android apps that cater to people with a particular set of needs. For example, there are specific apps for businessmen, students and others with special requirements. Similarly, you will also find many apps designed to meet the needs of athletes. These apps add a lot of value and helps the athletes to perform at their best. Here are some of the best Android apps which athletes may find very useful.


Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer is an app which helps the athletes with their workout routine. This app provides the athletes with personal trainers who instruct and guide the athletes through their daily workout regimen by giving them the right instructions. It also provides you them with features by which they can customize their workout session and even share it with their friends on social media sites.

Diet and food tracker

A correct diet is something which is very important for an athlete to become successful. With the Diet and food tracker, you can easily keep a tab on the food you consume as well as your daily fitness routine which informs you about how much calories you have burned in a specific time period. It has additional features like informative pieces on diet programs.

Adidas miCoach

The Adidas miCoach transforms your instrument into a virtual pocket-sized coach. This app helps you to build-up, not only your stamina and speed, but also your endurance levels with the help of real-time workout techniques and voice coaching.


This is one of the most popular apps and is used by all those who are passionate about running and want to keep a track on the progress they are making. It gives a broad information about the distance covered, average speed, time taken and how much calories you have burned while running.

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