Although Bejeweled has already showed its face on the Android market in one form or another, the much-awaited Bejeweled Blitz has not been on the market for an incredibly long time.

In its place, dozens of similar games have made their way to the market instead, and many of them have gained a fair amount of success, so does Bejeweled Blitz have enough reason to be worth playing after the storm of Bejeweled-look-alikes?


Bejeweled Blitz Gameplay

One thing that really disappoints me about Bejeweled Blitz is its lack of variable game modes. Instead, Blitz has just one game mode that can be played over and over as you unlock better power ups and level up enough to get higher and higher scores. It can be enjoyable, and there are hundreds of ranks to go through before you complete the game, but I found it a bit ridiculous that the developers expect Bejeweled players to play in this one game mode till they hit the highest rank.

This one game mode however, is an enjoyable one.

Bejeweled Blitz gameplay 1

In Bejeweled Blitz, you get 1 minute to clear as many jewels as possible by lining up three or more in a row. Lining up more than three will transform your gems and give them extra properties that can help you take out the jewels that have been stubbornly laid out in a way that you wouldn’t be able to deal with without the powerups.

Bejeweled Blitz gameplay 2

As you play through the game, you’ll also be able to purchase the use of rare gems which can also lead to a greater score. For example, the rare cat’s eye gem can multiple your score by 3, but it costs a hefty price to continue using it.

You earn coins by completing games in Bejeweled, and these can be spent to increase the usage life of rare gems. You can also earn more coins by spinning the daily spin wheel.



There are areas of Bejeweled Blitz that I like, and areas I don’t like.

The gameplay can be fun and exciting, and leveling through the ranks and earning rare gems can be an enjoyable experience, however, it is lacking when it comes to variable game modes, and without any true ‘adventure mode’ ranking up feels more like a grind as you play the game for longer.

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    This is such an interesting game. The game is so innovative and graphics are so much interesting.

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    The game play of bejewelled bitz is really good. well featured and sophisticated. Wonderful game to kill boredom.


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