LinkedIn has been called as the czar for b2b social marketing. If you are into b2b marketing and are not making use of LinkedIn you are surely missing out something good that could have given an impetus to your business. Promoting and being identified on LinkedIn particularly in your niche would mean quite a lot to you personally along with your brand and being a LinkedIn influencer would open up new vistas for your individual professional exposure which would mean a better branding for your products and services.

How to become a LinkedIn Influencer

Getting an invitation from LinkedIn to be a LinkedIn influencer is a big deal. Since the invitations are sent out to a limited number of individuals specifically well known professionals within the specific industry who have a strong online presence. The specific criteria for sending out these invitations are best known to LinkedIn. This is one of the methods by which one becomes a LinkedIn influencer. If you have not received an invitation from LinkedIn to become a LinkedIn influencer don’t loose hope since you can do that on your own and make your presence felt within the niche you belong to. To become a LinkedIn influencer you need to keep publishing relevant material on the LinkedIn that can add value to your industry and to the people who are there in your connection. Make use of online tools that will provide you with suggestions and ideas about the latest fads in your niche. Although you can publish small posts but long relevant posts will go a long way in establishing you as a LinkedIn influencer. Building followers is a never ending game on LinkedIn keep adding them. While posting on LinkedIn don’t let your blog die. Keep posting on your blog while posting on LinkedIn.

What to publish to become a LinkedIn Influencer

While publishing on LinkedIn be very sure what you are publishing since your personal and professional along with the brand value of your organization is at stake. Make sure you do not rush to create and publish posts, take your time research well and then publish your posts on LinkedIn. Industry related statistics, news, technology, career status updates, think of anything that can add value and has the ability to engage your target audience will be worth posting on LinkedIn. Not only publish you can also share posts from other people that you think are in sync with your brand and ideas. Steer clear of quotes and placards, hit and run updates to sell stuff and automated updates. In case you are able to stay consistent with relevant content on LinkedIn you become a LinkedIn influencer in your own right within your niche.

The benefits of becoming a LinkedIn Influencer

Once you are there as a LinkedIn influencer there are a myriad of activities that you can perform for the benefit of your brand. It is easy for you to promote your personal brand since people in your niche look up to you for advice and updates. On the personal front you get a chance to be noticed by prospective hiring companies and if ever you look out for a change things will be easy for you. The exposure on LinkedIn is such that you can easily build professional relationships in and out of your niche with ease since you become an expert in your niche owing to your influencer presence on LinkedIn.

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