There are many apps available in the market right now which cater to the needs of fitness enthusiasts. However, the quality of the Diet & Food Tracker app is hard to match. It helps you to keep track of your fitness regimen and diet with ease. It is also quite convenient to use. This app was developed by SparkPeople, a popular developer in the fitness app front. The Diet & Food Tracker app is available on all Android devices. The app has received a very positive reaction from users.

Here is a list of the various features of the app that makes it so popular amongst its users:

  • There is a fitness tracker that shows the calories the number of calories burned with each exercise routine
  • A food tracker which has optional meal plans with over a million food items
  • Articles about healthy living
  • A detailed report on your weight and calorie intake=
  • A trophy system with SparkPoints to help you stay motivated
  • A bar-code scanner


The developers of this app keep upgrading it regularly by adding new features. Here is a list of the new features that have attracted a lot more customers:

  • An additional search filter exercise
  • The latest and updated report charts software
  • There is an option to add more to your strength exercise so that it is customized to suit your needs
  • You have an option to add updated feeds and share your progress with friends who also use this app

With the rise in the awareness among people about the importance of good health, the utility of an app like Diet & Food Tracker has increased a lot. Diet & Food Tracker seeks to help people monitor their exercise and nutrition efficiently.

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