Beastie Bay: An Addictive Game Served Up With a Simple Gameplay Interface

Beastie Bay is another addictive game from the maker of apps like Mega Mall Story or Game Dev Story, Kairosoft. This game will remind you very much of SimCity, except that you will assume the role of a beast rather than the upstanding citizen of SimCity. You get to express yourself personality through the designs of your bay. Also, you have the option of assuming the role of a different monster at different levels, something that you will definitely come to enjoy with time.


User Interface

 beastie Bay ui

The UI of this game is typically Kairosoft; i.e. it is very simple. However, there are a number of different elements in the game, like the beast, the structures, resources that you have to collect, and also a few enemy monsters that look very cute and adorable.


Beastie Bay Gameplay

Beastie Bay Gameplay

As mentioned earlier, the game will remind you a lot of SimCity because even in this game, you have to decorate the resort that you will be in. It is not just a question of using the stuff on hand and placing them at optimum places. You should be able to collect resources that will allow you to buy the structures and elements that you use in your resort decoration activities.


You will have to go on regular expeditions that will allow you to forage for food. Food typically looks like potatoes and meat and it probably is, although there is no confirmation of that anywhere in the game.


In terms of passing the time, Beastie Bay is definitely one of the better apps on the iOS market. However, don’t expect intricate gameplay that will test your gaming abilities and acumen. This is only a simple game aimed at all types of audience, young and old. The performance of the app is also undeniably good, ensuring that you don’t get irritated during the course of the game.






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  1. Awolad Hossain

    “Beastie” is one of the enjoyable game. But i can’t find into my Android apps store. Anyone can help me how can i get this game into my Android tablet……….:)

  2. Gilbreath

    Ya Beasty bay  is really an interesting good in features and graphics.this post is very useful.

  3. Emma

    Beastie bay is really an addictive game. So colorful with exciting levels. I just love the graphics in this game.


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