Baking is a talent that can become an interesting hobby and also a great source of income. Not everyone can bake or come up with new recipes; some families make it a tradition to pass on special baking recipes for their offspring to follow.


This tradition exists online, and if you are looking for an online community that will motivate your passion for baking sweet goodies, you might as well try Bakespace.


What is Bakespace?

Bakespace is more than just a social networking site for people who knows and loves to bake. It can be the best online community to exhaust your passion, discover recipes, share what you have, meet new friends, and even sell your recipes. The site homes a lot of avid bakers and features more than 50 thousand recipes – most of them are very perfect for desserts. From creamy tropical desserts, to cold desserts, Bakespace has everything.


Bakespace is the only social networking site known to be a grassroots community, created by people for the people who love to bake and hang out in the kitchen. It has its own entertainment program, cookbook shop, and many more exciting features one can dream of in a food website.


How does Bakespace work?

Visitors can freely access the recipes at Bakespace even without signing up for an account. However, to access more features, registering would be better. The membership is free, and the site is very easy to use.  Bakespace functions almost like Facebook except that it is more specific with its theme – food and recipes. Once a member, you can post your recipes, browse delicious recipes of other members, and connect with other sweets lovers.


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Listed below are more exciting things you can do at Bakespace, which you cannot find in other food sites.


Create and swap Recipes You can follow what your friends are cooking and exchange your recipes.


Make a Cookbook – This button on top of the Bakespace main page allows you to build, publish, and make your own digital cookbook. Here, you can feature your original recipes and sell it online.


Join or find a mentor Bakespace operates a mentors program where members can connect with other members who have specific culinary skills. To join a groups mentor, and teach people how to cook or bake, click on their mentor button. The mentor tool may also be used to gain knowledge about baking. Bakespace mentors come from all parts of the world, making the platform rich in around the globe baking cuisine.


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Build an online kitchen Bakespace focus the kitchen as the most important part of the house. When you are a member of the site, Bakespace makes you feel at home by allowing you create an online kitchen where you can upload videos, create your own blog, and share your passion for baking with some other members.


Share RecipesYou can share your recipes, not just exclusively to the members of Bakespace but to all other people throughout the world who love cooking and baking.


Exciting Features

Cool Layout Bakespace is laid out in a friendly user interface. Its mahogany background looks like a table capped with mouthwatering food.  Its cool layout offers easy browsing. The homepage has all you need. The banner image allows you to know the highlights of the page at just one glance. The options are arranged in boxes on the front page, and the most recent page follow next as you scroll down the page. You can click on featured members, kitchen pantry, or the cookbook café.


Fun Sharing – Bakespace is integrated with other large social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. Hence, you can share with your friends your favorite recipes, your own creation, or your latest discovery.



Good Entertainment Bakespace has its own blog, which feature weekly shows that are exclusively produced by the site itself. Here, you can watch videos of the latest happening in the cities and newly created recipes by famous chefs. Every week the site also features new cookbook author. They are members of the site who created and sold their own cookbooks. You can be one of them if you want!  You can also click on the News Tab or Live Shows and entertain yourself.


Free App The site has its own iPad app known as Cookbook. With its latest version 2.0, you can enjoy more features such as the kitchen timer, sample recipes, and wet and dry conversion tables. Wherever you go, you can bring Bakespace with you.



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Business PotentialBeing a member alone allows you to learn brilliant ideas ‘which can help build’ your own business, such as optimizing your blog, building buzz, and working with blog. Here, you can be discovered. In fact, you can sell your own cookbook.


Although Bakespace do not have its own customer support, you can go for an instant chat through the TeaRoom. Other questions and concerns can be answered by other members through the Pantry Forum.


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  1. Keith

    Baking is an art and it comes only perfect if it is best followed in mixing and baking at certain temperature.  It is a good place to learn and make dishes too.

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    I would like to give a surprise to my wife on her birthday by baking a chocolate cake. I will try finding few tips here.

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    I would  love to bake but i never succeeded in that.Now i am happy that through this recipes in Bake space i can learn and become perfect in my baking.good post with good article.

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    Baking is one of my hobby.This bake space app is fantastic.I will try these recipes to feed my kids.Good post i must say.I am thankful to you.

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    Bake space is just amazing. Really its a wonderful cook book where one can find good recipes. It’s got smart features.


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