CalendarioNowadays, iPhone applications are not just limited to entertainment and business needs. They also serve other diverse interests of individuals with regard to organizing and planning. Like many such applications, Awesome Note (+ToDo/Calendar) has recently been added to the list of apps for the iPhone. As its name suggests, this app is awesome for creating calendar entries, to-do-lists and notes. Of all the apps on the iPhone mobile device, Awesome Note is perhaps the most visually imperative.

User interface

Awesome Note (+ToDo/Calendar) is a great treat to use with its various options in addition to the graphical calendar feature of the app. It lets users choose colors, icons, fonts and background images, to their liking, to use in their to-do-lists and notes. The app has a well planned interface for its users to take notes and create lists. When users first download this application, they are provided with a handful of notes and sample folders. All the pre-loaded notes consist of information to guide users on how to use the app. So learning to use the app is made a lot more simple for the user. Whenever the Awesome Note (+ToDo/Calendar) app is opened, it comes up with a preview of five different folders. The user needs to swipe the screen right to left to access more folders. The color, associated icon and title of each of the folders are customizable.



Awesome Note (+ToDo/Calendar) has multiple advanced features that let the user know what events are pending and when they are due. Some of its features, like the customizing options and calendar view, make Awesome Note totally different and superior to other such apps. This application also has an alarm feature that can be used to set alarms before events and scheduled meetings.

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