While we are link building for our business we tend to pay attention to the most common mistakes being committed by our peers and competitors however many times we tend to ignore the less common mistakes since they are not being committed by the majority of the link builders. However the mistakes are equally responsible for our the results that do not show up in the form of rankings on the search engines.

Back links via quality link building

link building mistakes to be avoided

Targeting the wrong person for your link building needs

Many a times our outreach email will reach the mailbox of the person who does not know anything about link building. We don’t receive a response. The best should be to find out the exact contact in an organization who will be responsible for the link building and taking a decision regarding a partnership with your organization.

Not Following up once you have done the outreaching task

You did research found the right person to be contacted in an organization, sent a mail to him and then you did not receive a response. An average person receives almost 300 mails in a week and without sending in a follow up mail or a phone call there are even chances that your mail may get lost in the huge heap of emails that are there in your prospect’s Inbox. Many times people loose very good prospects for link building just because of the lack of a follow strategy.

Looking too far for link building

Link builders have a fancy for off shore links since they feel these will look good on their link profile. However the truth is that these links will be more harmful than doing any good especially if you are a local or a national business. Look out for partners from whom you procure your raw material or to whom you supply your finished goods. If they are there in your vicinity your business is going to receive a huge impetus if you are able to build links with these businesses.

Assuming links will come on their own

If you are very good on your content and you think that people will connect to your content on their own you are seriously mistaken. Even with impeccable content you need to wade through the market to look out for people who are ready to connect with you. Not only this you need to ask people to connect to your content and website. There are chances of your quality content being drowned into the content sea if you do not promote is properly.

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