Getting quality comments from fellow bloggers and your audience on your blog is the best feedback a blogger can expect while posting on his blog. The participation on the blog is directly proportional to the popularity of your brand on the World Wide Web. When people start sharing additional tips, start a conversation and argue a point your blog becomes one hub of great activity. The level of participation on your blog is an indicator of the popularity of the business itself.

Outstanding content helps in blog participation

Attract Blog Comments

Creative Blog posts attract customers

Outstanding content in terms of quality or controversy attracts comments. You cannot force people to comment on your website they do it voluntarily. You need to present something to your audience that entices them to comment on your blog. Whatever you post on your blog is read by people and if their cognitive abilities are tickled they comment. Whatever niche you are catering to you need not know everything about it your audience will tell you everything provided you know the art of asking it from them. Even if you know everything you need to leave a chance for your audience so that they can either add to it or at least provide their point of view on it.

Minimum barriers to Blog commenting are welcome

Do not make blog commenting a pain for your users. We have the concept of captcha and double captcha but they are there to stop automated systems to comment on your posts. Think of better options to stop these automated programs to comment on your blog and provide your users as easy to use platform to leave their thoughts and opinions. Do not force your users to choose avatars for themselves since they are identifying themselves with your content and not with the avatars you are presenting them.

Well Designed Website attracts users and entices them to comment

A neat and clean well laid out website where all blog comments are visible attracts more comments than a blog which only gives the number of comments in numbers at the bottom. Having all the comments in a sequence helps your users to comment and participate in continuity. The comment call to action needs to be simple and straightforward. Design of a blog matters to a commenter, if your user does not like the design he or she will never comment.

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