If a report published by Adobe is to be believed, people are now leaning more towards the various apps, especially the iOS apps to watch online TV. This latest data consumption trend points towards a major shift in the online TV watching habits of people around the world. According to the data, the use of iOS apps have exceeded the use of desktop browsers.

A significant growth can also be seen in case of Android applications, the popularity of which is right now growing at a much faster rate than iOS apps. Here is a more detailed look at the report which clearly shows how the scenario has changed in such a short period of time.



Growth rate of online video consumption across various mobile devices right now is at its peak with a healthy rate of 25 percent with a year-on-year growth rate of 57 percent in the United States. This year it was even more impressive with a new record of 35.6 billion online video starts during the first quarter. Adobe took data from more than 1000 media sites to carry out the analysis.

Market share

When it comes to market share, Android is way behind the top two player. Currently at the third position with 15 percent, Android’s market shares are expected to rise. The market share of desktop browsers stands at 36 percent, which is far behind the 43 percent market share for the iOS applications.


The kind of content being viewed is also seeing a drastic change with kids having a major say in what gets viewed.

This trend gives a clear indication of how the role of TV may pan out in the near future, especially in the technologically developed world.

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