Planning trips can be very hectic when you have to manage multiple flight timings. Traveling on a tight schedule is not always the best idea, because there is always a chance of you getting caught up in flight delays, cancellations and crowds. Select among the applications of your choice to make your travel slightly easier on the nerves.

Best iPhone Applications for Tracking Flights

FlightAware Flight TrackerFlightAware Flight Tracker

FlightAware is free for iOS smartphones, which allows you to track the status of flights in real time. You can find out whether any commercial flight is scheduled to be on-time, delayed, or canceled, sparing you unnecessary waiting and worrying. Aviation geeks will love this app, because you can check the status of any commercial flight in the world.

FlightTrack 5


This application is unique because it does not need Wi-Fi services to function. The $4.99 app available on the iStore allows you to see real-time flight schedules and delays while your mobile device is still offline. The application has information on over 3,000 airports, making it almost impossible to function without it today.


Apart from the regular function of tracking flights and giving you updates on delays and gates in real-time, TripTracker also helps you by giving you information on the weather in different locations, car rental services, and hotels in the vicinity. TripTracker is an absolutely essential free app for the iPhone in case you travel frequently.


GateGuru is another free application for iOS that provides you with basic information on flight timings and details on whether or not your flight will arrive or depart when it is scheduled for. GateGuru also provides you with the tools to customize your itinerary while you continue with your holiday. You can find out about the weather in various airports, car rentals, and an estimate on how long you will have to wait.

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