Those who are completely fascinated with the latest iOS 7 software update for iPhone, which is scheduled to release in the fall of 2013, will love the Cal App. Task creation has become easier with the release of the app that allows users to plan out their day with ease and receive notifications of a task on their phone. The Cal app is one that allows you to do that in the form of a calendar.


The app allows you to even sync your already-existing calendar’s events with it to give you all the updates that you need. The best part about this app is that it incorporates a design that is on the same lines of the new apple operating software, giving you the best experience in user interface.


Any.DO Features and User Interface iphone UI

The Cal app is very easy to use and simple to navigate. The color scheme that is used in this app is very simplistic. It generally uses one color on a white background with black text. These new look makes it easier to read and it is softer on the eyes than most other apps. You can create an event by clicking the arrow on the top right corner of the app and enter what you want.


A good feature of this app is that if you type a name in the event, it will draw the name from your contacts list and include it in your reminder. Although the app does not have an advanced event entry system, it is highly functional and simple to understand, giving the user an easier experience when creating new tasks. You can even add timings and locations to your Cal and it will give you driving directions to get there from your current location. The user interface is amazing and it will match very well with the new software update.

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