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Rovio is at it again with Angry Birds Friends, a new free game in the incredibly popular series. This time round, the game integrates a bit of friendly competition into the usual single player experience found within the game.

The overall feel of the game is just like any other Angry Birds game, and although there are some nice new improvements, there are also areas that make you cringe at what Rovio has done, and it’s certainly not the best free app Rovio has released.


Angry Birds Friends overview


Angry Birds Friends is played out in weekly tournaments. In the tournament you’ll have a number of levels you can play on and earn score for, and at the end of the week, your best scores will be added up and you’ll be ranked alongside your friends. Getting a good rank, for example in first or second place, will get you coins that can be spent in the game.

You can also earn more coins for earning star ratings on each level. However, the whole coin system is something that I personally dislike, and this is because the rewards almost ruin the whole competitive atmosphere by giving you an edge over players who do not use them.

Angry Birds Friends Gameplay 1

Whilst some of the cheaper rewards offer non game-breaking powerups such as aim assist or a lower curve to your shots, some are a little too overpowered, and can often earn you a score that would otherwise be impossible to earn.

The most powerful of these rewards is the Wingman, which gives you access to an extra bird that can break through almost any material on its first contact with an object. It’s not too overpowered, but there are times where the Wingman is capable of being able to break through something that would usually take three or more birds to deal with.

Angry Birds Friends Gameplay 2

This for me removes the competitive nature completely, and more annoyingly is the fact that you can’t tell whether your friends are using powerups or not.

My final pet peeve that makes Angry Birds Friends feel even more pay-to-win is the fact that you cannot continue onto a new level unless you earn three stars on it or pay with coins. If you’ve played an Angry Birds game before then you’ll know how hard earning three stars can be. Some levels become exceedingly frustrating, and these levels seem to be there just to remind you of the little cash shop hiding in the corner.

If you’re okay with the pay-to-win elements, then Angry Birds Friends is something you should enjoy. The coins can of course be purchased with real money, and for $1.49 you can bag yourself a pretty decent amount of powerups.

I do like the weekly tournament concept too, and it allows you to play against your friends each week without the game getting stale too quickly.

You’ll need a Facebook account to play with your friends, but other than that, you can Angry Birds Friends is available to download for free.

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  1. Brad

    Wow this game seems to be very sophisticated and very well featured. I love playing angry birds. Now I am going to load this game.

  2. Juarez

    Yes, very interesting features with good game level. It’s a Wonderful game.

  3. Katherine

    Ya, this multiplayer game is very interesting and kills my boredom. Very good graphics.


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