The Uber application for Android phones is the new way to travel, especially if you have to get around a city you are not very familiar with. The application puts you through to a cab service that takes you from point A to point B without you having to carry any hard cash on you. All you have to do is sync the app with your credit card details and request a ride whenever you need one. 


Benefits of employing the Uber cab service

The advantages are that you do not have to rely on regular cab services. This ensures that you are never tardy. Also, you can check the fares through the application, making it easy for you to calculate your traveling expenses. The cab service company will send you a receipt of the journey cost once you are dropped home via the Uber app.

A safe way to travel

You can also sync the account to PayPal and Google Wallet. This gives you a variety of payment opportunities, none of which require you to hold any cash on your person. Carrying cash only in plastic or through your accounts online is much safer than being out of town with a substantial amount of money in cash.


Safety is a priority, and the major reason for the app’s success is that it provides just that. Additionally, Uber makes traveling far more convenient. With the constant availability and absence of a waitlist, people can now travel without having to book cabs in advance. Also, they can easily contact drivers to find out any status on the taxi. This helps avoid any mis-communication. If you are not sure of the location you are headed to, you can just upload the area through the maps on the app, and a car will pick you up and drop you there.

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