AndroidFor the first time in the history of smartphones, the Android OS is ahead of Apple’s iOS in web usage. Recent data on web usage released by Net Applications via 9to5Mac showed that Android usage has surpassed that of the operating system for the iPhone and iPad, iOS. Net Applications is a company that measures the total amount of web traffic from 160 million monthly visits.

For the past several years, Apple CEO Tim Cook has mocked the use of Android tablets by stating that no one really uses them. Today, he can no longer poke fun at Android. With Android web traffic higher than that of iOS, it is clear that Android users are becoming much more engaged with their devices and using them more often.

Although the Android market has been outselling iOS for many years, Apple has continued to persevere with double-digit annual growth. The main risk is that developers might abandon the Apple platform for Android, which has considerably more users and a more engaged customer base. If developers lose interest in Apple, the quality of its applications will decrease and iOS will become a second-tier platform.

At this time, Apple has hundreds of millions of developers, so there are no signs that they are becoming bored with the platform. Nonetheless, this statistic is embarrassing for Apple, especially following the harsh words from their CEO for the past several years about Android.

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