It seems as if Amazon may finally be ready to launch its highly anticipated smartphone. Over the last two years, there have been a number of indications that have suggested that the phone may be primed for a debut within the coming months. In fact, there have been links that show the phone as one of the most prominent examples of ‘Vaporware’, a term used to described tech equipment that is rumoured to be developed. The company itself though, has never explicitly stated that the device is under development.

Over the course of last week, bloggers like Boy Genius Report have posted images of the Amazon phone, along with information about how the device can be operated. Another report from The Wall Street Journal goes on to say that that the phone will be available to consumers come the month of September.


It is expected that the Amazon phone will integrate revolutionary technology that will allow users to experience holographic 3-D images without the use of dedicated eyewear. In the images that have been posted, the phone lies within a protective cover hiding details of its design. Despite the fact that Boy Genius Report have not explicitly identified its sources, the images are widely understood as genuine, owing the blog’s credibility.

The blog also continues to state that the 3-D modelling phone is only one of two individual devices that Amazon plans to release, the second being a more affordable model. Amazon has known for being only a website platform, but its entrance into the mobile tablet and TV content market has gone a long way towards changing this perception.

Moreover, the fact that the company has taken its time to develop a unique mobile handset bodes well for its future within the mobile market, currently dominated by the iPhone and Google’s Android platform.

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