The clients who invest over internet marketing are often inquisitive about SEO and paid search. They are always found dwelling in the confusion which of the two is better or if both are mutually exclusive. The reality is both SEO and paid search aims to achieve the same objective; however the pathway differs in each case. Both the methodologies aim to hike up the traffic to a particular website that can later take up the form of either lead generation or deals.

Results for Paid Search

Paid Search vs SEO

Paid search, popularly referred as pay per click (PPC) has however been a bit dominating with its wide range of advantages. In Paid search, every click of the visitor is capable of making drastic differences.Over time, paid search has established itself as a marketing technique which suits every business. On the contrary part, many SEO works demands for a change in the designed website and end up providing an unfriendly experience to the user. Moreover, SEO has failed time and again in standardizing their ranking algorithms. Every year, several changes are brought about in these ranking algorithms. One of the major drawbacks of SEO is the limitation that it puts on the number of keywords to be targeted. SEO keeps some of its features completely inexplicable.

These are certain commendable advantages of paid search over SEO:

Paid Search is more target specific than SEO:

One of the most desirable features of inbound marketing is being target specific. Paid search fulfills this need very efficiently and thus acquires a lead over SEO. Furthermore, in paid search one can also target synonymous keywords as there is no limitation over the number of keywords that can be targeted in PPC. It also enables to keep control on various other factors like the actual position from where the search is being made, day and time of the search, device type using which the search is being made etc.

Results for paid search are quantifiable and metric driven:

Getting hold of a praiseworthy number of traffic even in a newly designed site can be made possible using the paid search technique.It is also possible to assure a good ranking in search engine using paid search.

Paid search is a means for brand exposure for small companies

Just paying for per search, it is possible to acquire outlooks about the ads as well as the firm in paid search. This feature is very helpful in providing good exposure to small companies.

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