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Till now all of us have been using Facebook for social interaction or to be in touch with our friends, relatives, colleagues and our loved ones. Currently as users we are using Facebook to like pictures and comment on them or update our status to let others know what exactly we are up to these days. Currently there is a limit to the tasks one can perform on Facebook. But now Facebook is coming with something new which is going to change the whole experience for the user while using this social site. Facebook is going to launch “M” your personnel digital assistant.

Facebook’s M is touted to be much like Siri

Siri is a beautiful voice recognition system which acts much like your personnel assistant that will perform all the commands by recognizing your voice. It can help you in many ways for example it will do call or message on your voice command. It can manage meetings, do reminders and even schedule your travelling and book tickets for you. Siri is made on human intelligence and can understand conversation. You can make natural conversation with it and even Siri can ask you back question if it is not able to understand what you have asked for, for clarification and to understand better so that it can give you back accurate answer or result.

This is not just like old traditional voice recognition where you have to speak particular commands and need to remember keywords too. In case of Siri it will understand what you speak in a normal way and can even correct itself if it misinterprets you. This service is available on these devices iphone 4s and above, ipad 3rd generation or above, ipad mini and ipod touch 5th generation and above. Facebook’s M has been pegged almost at the same level as Siri has attained among its users.

The way M from Facebook is anticipated to work

There is great news for Facebook users since now they will get something more on their most loved social site “Facebook”. Now people can use Facebook for more than liking, commenting or chatting on this site. Facebook had announced that they are coming with a Siri like personnel digital assistant with the name called “M”. This is based on artificial intelligence and it’s a text based service. It works on the same principle on which Siri of apple works, Google plus of Google and cortana from Microsoft. M will be the digital personal assistant and it is anticipated to follow your commands and act accordingly for you. There is news that it will be providing suggestions based on your browsing history or your interaction with it. This will make calls using your contacts, arrange your meetings, reminders and suggest you what to buy and even deliver the same. It will be helping you to book movie tickets, air tickets and do hotel bookings and shopping for you.

The takeaway for Facebook Users

After this it will definitely be going to change the use of Facebook, people are going to love this because it will work for them as a one stop app which will be going to do all the work that too using Facebook. This will go ahead to increase the users of Facebook.

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