Who really uses their stock Android email client over a much neater experience straight from a browser? The Gmail app isn’t bad, but it’s not cross-platform, meaning you can only use Google emails and can’t access other emails you may have access to. K-9 Mail is an open source email client that offers a lot more functionality over the usual Android offering, is quick to set up, and it’s also completely free.


K-9 Mail Overview

The app isn’t amazingly pretty, and we’re aren’t going to see any beautiful transitions or interesting wallpapers within K-9 Mail, but instead we have a mail client that works incredibly smoothly, and pushes mails outward and inward very quickly.


Unfortunately, like many email clients I’ve tested, Hotmail isn’t an email that K-9 mail supports, however most other emails I’ve tried have worked splendidly, including my own personal website’s email.

K-9 Mail UI

As soon as I typed in my email, I was shocked to find that over 500 emails were loaded onto the page within seconds. With every previous email client, it would take up to hours for all the emails to slowly bleed through.


K-9 mail has definitely nailed the speed issue that most email clients seem to have trouble with, and I’ve found that sending and receiving new emails seems to be just as quick as loading up emails already in the inbox.

K-9 Mail UI

There are a few other features to help archive and/or manage emails, import contacts, and add multiple addresses. It gets a tad complicated to navigate through lines of text, and the lack of color makes it even harder to navigate through different options.


The options are all there though, and that’s what is important, despite the plain and simple look of the app.


In the settings menu, there are a lot of options to enhance (slightly) display, change notification options, and file save location for attachments and whole email files, along with other privacy and debugging options for the open source fans out there.



K-9 Mail UI

K-9 Mail is an incredibly easy to use email client that sends, receives and loads email inboxes at smoothly and without pause. The app itself is very plain, however despite the lack of color and overall professional finish to the UI, a lot of functions lay hidden within the menus and submenus, making K-9 the most comprehensive free email client available for Android today.




4 Responses

  1. Sherry Ward

    It sounds amazing that 500 emails loaded pretty fast. It also attracts being supporting multiple platforms. I will try configuring 2-3 of my accounts.

  2. Conrad

    Hi sherry, If you have configured this email client please tell me your experience in using it so I can do as well.

  3. Clothilde

    K9 mail is just creative. It just got a good and realistic features. Thanks for the useful post very innovative to all readers.

  4. Bass

    I have configured this email client Mr. Conrad. Very good. Any one can use this.


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